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Ocean Explorers will make you the diver you wanted to be. Using all the latest methods of teaching, in a relaxed stress-free environment, learning can actually becomes a pleasure! The enthusiasm of our instructor is contagious making the whole experience exciting and fun.

The PADI learning curve begins the moment you take your first breath underwater and extends all the way to becoming the instructor yourself and sharing this amazing sport with newcomers.

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Discover Scuba Diving

Certified to dive for 2 weeks. This program is for people that want to see for themselves what diving is all about without doing a course. With the guidance and supervision of an instructor, you can safely witness the wonder of underwater world and understand why so many people are so passionate about this amazing sport.

The next step is getting the diving certification that lasts a lifetime!

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PADI Scuba Diver

Certified to dive to 12 meters. This program is a two days course with basic theory, shallow water training and two open water dives with the instructor. This will allows you to dive with a professional to depth of 12m or shallower.

This course is perfect for those who do not have time to complete the Open Water certification course but wish to begin the process. Easily updated to the full Open Water certification with additional training at later date.

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Open Water

You will be certified to dive to 18 meters. Four days of fun, spend learning all you will ever need to know to safely enjoy scuba diving. Starting with the basic theoritical principles and a few quizzes, we then jump into the pool to begin our underwater training. Breath underwater and get to know all your equipment and what the purposes are with a few training exercises. Then its time to DIVE.

The first two of your open water dives are to a maximum depth of 12 meters. The last two dives you will descend to 18 meters. Throughout the course you will be under the constant supervision of our highly trained and experience instructors and our aim is to make you safe, knowledgeable diver who can put their new skills to practice as soon as the final exam is passed. THIS IS YOUR 'LICENCE TO DIVE'.

From: RM1,200.00 (Includes certification trip, 3 days 2 night accomodation. Exclude meals.)

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Adventure Diver

You will be certified to dive to 30 meters. This one or two day(s) program encompasses three dives in any area offered in Advanced Open Water Diver course. Perfect for those who do not have time to do the course.

Want to do deep dive, specialised hover for observing marine life, poke you head in crevises, go down tight areas without harming yourself or the environment ? You choose and we teach.

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Have interest in any particular area? Pursue with the PADI Specialty program. Any of the dives from the Advanced course can be upgrade to the Specialty rating with a few more dives and additional training in your chosen area.

From: RM350.00 (Per course. Exclude certification trip.)

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Advanced Open Water

You will be certified to dive to 30 meters. Doing the Advanced Open Water course is a necessary step to opening the diving world up for you completely. Under the safe supervision of your instructor, expand your experience of scuba diving to include deep diving, night diving, wreck diving and more.

Choose the following to broaden your experience:

DEEP DIVE to 30 meters. Descend to 30 meters and see the effects of nitrogen narcosis. Understand the careful planning required when deep diving and the considerations which have to be made.

NAVIGATOR DIVE - Learn to navigate underwater as you would do on land, with and without compass. Be trained to use natural navigation as a reliable tool to always find your way back to the boat and never feel disoriented again.

WRECK DIVE - Discover the thrill of wreck diving with safe supervision of your instructor.

NIGHT DIVE - See for yourself why night diving is a favourite amongst professionals. Coral feeding ,nocturnal animals and colours you never knew exist.

DRIFT DIVE - Current too strong to make it back to boat? So why not fly with it. Learn to safely drift dive without becoming disorientated and watch marine life in full action.

BOAT DIVE - Understand the concept of boat diving, proper boatmanship and the safety implication of diving from a boat.

PEAK PERFORMANCE BUOYANCY - Learn fantastic new hovers and ways to appreciate the marine environment close up without any risk of damage to the corals or yourself!! Perfect your bouyancy and increase your confidence underwater.

MULTILEVEL DIVE - Most of our dives begin at our maximum depth and gradually work their way shallower. Using the WHEEL instead of the TABLE , we extend our bottom time as it takes this ascent to shallower depth into account. From now on, all your dives will be longer!

From: RM398.00 (Exclude certification trip.)

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EFR Emergency First Response

Learn basic first aid, mouth to mouth and CPR.
A one day First Aid course which will fully prepare you to begin your Rescue Diver course. The course covers everything from emergency resuscitation, CPR, illness assessments, injury assessments to everyday first aid procedures.

Once you have completed this course you are better able to handle and assist emergencies and possibly even save lives.

From: RM250.00

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Rescue Diver

Pre-requisite First Aid Training.
The Rescue Diver course is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable courses PADI offers. Under the experienced supervision of our instructors, you will be trained to anticipate problems before its arise, handle almost any in-water emergency possible, learn how to assemble O2 equipment and effectively deal with all diving related emergency situations.

Once you have completed this course, your whole perspective on diving changes! Your confidence increases dramatically, as do your diving skills, as does the confidence others will have in you. You are now well on your way in taking the next step to become a PADI professional!

From: RM750.00 (Exclude certification trip)

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Dive Master

Make your hobby into your career
A fully intensive course that can be done in as little as 3 weeks, or through a longer 6 week internship. The most in depth course offerred, you are trained to become a professional PADI member, and can either use your new skills to further your own diving experience or to allow you to work in field.

8 Theoretical Examinations including: supervising students, dive managment and control, physics, physiology, recreational dive planner; skillls and environment; equipment.
Underwater Map Making
Swim & Snorkel training and evaluation
Formation of an Emergency Plan
Supervision of students and assisting instructors during training.
Guiding Fun Divers
Evaluation of Rescue Skills
Problem Management
Skill Demonstration Assesment
Stress Test

Once you are a certified Divemaster, a whole world of opportunities will open up for you. Become part of the team and learn the dive operations function, broaden your experience with equipment maintenance and servicing, and be on the front line with customers. An excellent course with high rewards!

From: RM1800.00 (Exclude certification trip.)

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